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365 Vitamins Brand Values

Our brand values serve as a guide for the 365 Vitamins Ltd brand and how we run our business.

The chosen values - Intuitive, Human and Honest - define who we are, how we work and the consumer experience we want to create.

Our values steer us in an objective and consistent way and ensure we clearly differentiate ourselves from our competitors. It means we can deliver a consistent experience across all touch points from packaging and digital to communication.


Every touch point of our brand should be easy and simple for our customer. How do we ensure this happens?

1. Marketing
All our marketing communications such as web copy, ad copy and marketing emails need to be relevant to the target audience.

Example: Glossy magazines are full of pictures of celebrities with luscious shiny hair, peachy skin and gorgeous strong nails. How do they do it? What’s their secret? And how can you achieve their look?
If you want to ramp up your beauty regime, the perfect place to start is with our Advanced Collagen Complex capsules.

2. Benefits
The benefits of our products are easy to understand.

Example: Our Advanced Collagen Complex is ideal for:
Smooth, glowing skin: collagen proteins help in the maintenance of your skin’s strength and elasticity
Glossy hair: get softer and healthier looking hair with collagen supplements
Strong nails: collagen can help make your nails look supple and healthy

3. Communication
We are easy to contact via telephone or email or whatever method the customer prefers, and any response should be clear, friendly and helpful.

4. Buying
The buying process is quick and easy with minimal clicks and form filling.

We’re a ‘real’ brand that’s emotional and inviting and run by passionate people who believe in the products we sell. This means we:

Focus more on the lifestyle benefits of our brands rather than the science
Ensure our packaging designs and product names reflect how customers feel: Energise, Glowing, Serene, Fabulous etc.
Encourage an easy and open dialogue with our customers, partners and suppliers
Run the company as humans, not a faceless corporation

The 365 Vitamins brand is sincere and transparent. How does this manifest itself in our everyday actions?

We treat everybody we work with fairly and with consideration, including suppliers, colleagues, partners and customers
We offer a ‘no quibble’ refund if our customers are unhappy
We don’t manipulate social media including Facebook likes etc. We grow our online presence organically
We don’t oversell the benefits of the product

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