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For Heart, Vision & Mind


I've only been on these for a couple of weeks and already feeling the benefits. I suffer from chronic arthritis and there is definitely an improvement. Also not as fatigued and the bonus is no horrible after-taste!
- Tony Y

Cells age and then die. A cell can die either from poisoning, infection, over heating or lack of oxygen.

As we age, the sharpness of our memory decreases because brain cells die too but the good news is that they can be replaced with new cells for increased memory capacity. You can generate brain cell growth by taking vitamins for the mind.

Importance of vitamins for the mind

✓ Can help sharpen memories
✓ Can help us to focus
✓ Can help improve brain function
✓ Can help brain development
✓ Can help make the neurotransmitters of the central nervous system
✓ Can help to send and receive neurotransmitters
✓ Can help reduce homocysteine, a risk to blood vessels

Neurological Consequences of Vitamin Deficiency

  • It causes psychiatric problems.
  • It can cause brain shrinkage.
  • It causes poor brain development.
  • It causes poor brain functions.
  • It causes mental fogginess.
  • It causes a lot of stress and moodiness.

365 Vitamins for The Heart, Vision & Mind

Offering both ‘PURE SUPERBA KRILL OIL’ and ‘SERENE 5-HTP’, these vitamins for the heart and vitamins for the mind are used to enhance the health of your heart and brain, while improving vision. These supplements are formulated to keep up with today’s challenging lifestyles. So, how are these supplements formulated?

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

- Good for your heart, brain and vision

Benefits of Vitamins for the Heart:

✓ Offers anti-aging effects on brain structure and function
✓ Improves cognition and memory
✓ Boosts intelligence and happiness levels
✓ Increases neurotransmitter count
✓ Improves symptoms of depression and mental disorders
✓ Reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes
✓ Reduces the risk of certain cancers
✓ Reduces the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
✓ Alleviates mild hypertension
✓ Moderates Crohn's disease

Krill Oil

- Good for the heart, brain and vision


✓ Provides outstanding anti-inflammatory benefits
✓ Prevents age-related brain shrinkage
✓ Protects cognitive function and memory
✓ Prevents dementia and depression
✓ Makes up the cell membrane
✓ Enhances cell signalling
✓ Increases oxygen delivery to the brain
✓ Protects your heart
✓ Maintains healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels
✓ Eases pre-menstrual tension
✓ Boosts immune function
✓ Encourages healthy liver function
✓ Promotes a healthy complexion
✓ Improves joint lubrication

Natural 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)

- Used for enhancing mood and improving sleep

Benefits of Vitamins for the Mind:

✓ Lessens symptoms of depression
✓ Lessens symptoms of fibromyalgia (pain severity, morning stiffness and sleeplessness)
✓ Lessens symptoms of migraine
✓ Lessens symptoms of chronic headaches
✓ Lessens symptoms of anxiety
✓ Lessens symptoms of insomnia
✓ Assists weight loss

Our Pure Superba Krill Oil is a pure and natural source of Omega-3 and Krill Oil. Our Serene 5-HTP contains natural 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP).

Reminders when taking Vitamin Supplements

1.Do not take them if you have allergies. Ask a doctor first
2.Some supplements may not be appropriate for pregnant and lactating woman
3.Do not use supplements as a food replacement
4.Seek medical advice in cases of side effects
5.Do not consume with milk and other dairy products
6.Stick to the recommended dose
7.Ensure that the supplement you intend to take is appropriate for your age group

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