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Metabolism is the term used to describe the various chemical reactions which take place within the body of a living organism leading to the ability of that particular organism to grow, replace worn out tissues, breathe and undertake a multitude of processes essential to life. It is therefore a very important aspect of human survival due to the fact that when there is a problem with an individual’s metabolism, that person’s body parts and organs will not be performing as they should, or may even be malfunctioning.


Zinc is a mineral element that is naturally obtained and can be found in foods like oysters. It has the ability to help with the metabolism of an individual thereby preventing a host of diseases that can occur when metabolism does not take place as it is expected. Without efficient metabolism, an individual will be prone to various health problems such as;

  • The lack of essential food nutrients needed for the body to develop properly
  • Inability of the body to heal quickly as a result of inadequate levels of the minerals needed to carry out the repair of damaged cells
  • Getting tired and fatigued even when performing activities that require very minimal energy

All of these may be the result of a slow metabolic rate, which means that the body is not able to effectively and efficiently get all the nutrients needed from the food that is consumed. This leads to a decrease in the amount of essential vitamins, minerals, salts, fatty acids and proteins which the body needs in order to survive.


Fortunately, this is something that can be effortlessly corrected with the right intake of foods that are known to contain zinc in large amounts such as oysters. The main function that zinc has in the human body with regards to metabolism is that it helps to speed up the rate of metabolism. Doing this helps the body to effectively turn all the food substances which have been consumed into the appropriate nutrients that are needed in order for the individual to survive. This means that individuals with slower rates of metabolism can help themselves by consuming foods that are rich in zinc which will speed up their rate of metabolism.

Eating foods that are filled with a lot of zinc increases the rate of metabolism by helping to release a huge amount of enzymes which are needed in metabolism. The increased speed and effectiveness in metabolism caused by the enzymes also means that the various nutrients are sent to the specific body parts at the right time, this helps the individual to feel well and live a normal life free from health problems related to a slow rate of metabolism.

Our Raspberry Ketone supplement contains a healthy dose of zinc to help keep your metabolism pumping along all day, which is a good alternative if you feel that you are not getting the right amount of zinc from your diet alone.

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