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We all love pasta, rice and potatoes, especially roasted ones which have been cooked in fat to make them go crispy on the outside! And there is nothing wrong with having these treats from time to time. The key here is that they are not being eaten everyday. A Sunday roast once a week is totally fine and even good for you in terms of enjoyment. During the week, however, if you can switch some foods around it would make a positive difference to your health and your waist line.

How to do it: In general you want to switch anything which is white to a brown alternative. The reason for this is because the white versions are usually carbohydrate heavy and more heavily processed so not as good for you. Here are some examples of foods to switch:

Original Food Switch to Super food alternative...
White rice Brown/wholemeal rice Quinoa
White pasta Wholemeal pasta Quinoa
Potato Sweet potato Sweet potato
White Bread Brown bread Rye bread
Croutons Walnuts Any type of nut
Mayonnaise Lemon, olive oil, balsamic Crushed avocado
Milk chocolate Dark chocolate, min 75% No chocolate!
White flour Whole wheat flour

Vegetable oil

Olive oil Coconut oil

Why do it: In order to make sustainable changes to our diets it's a lot easier to make constant but small changes. These small changes should be lasting changes, not some kind of one-off, quick fix, two week diet plan change. They are here for the long term.

Changing up what you put into your body will definitely help in so many ways. Your energy will be increased and your skin should look better and full of life. You will sleep better which will help in many ways. The list goes on and I think that intuitively you know that these changes will help so let's get started on them today!

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