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We've all been there, you buy a large bar of chocolate with only good intentions. As you stand there in the supermarket deciding whether you fancy a fruit and bar or nut only combination, or maybe keep it simple and go with just chocolate. Actually, shall I be healthier and go for dark chocolate today? Anyway, it's a tough decision but you have already decided that you are only going to have 1 or 2 small chunks, right? That's right, no more than that so it should last a whole week. Perfect. 2 hours after you have got home from shopping, you go to open the cupboard and see that there are only 2 pieces left! Nightmare. Now you'll have to buy some more...

How to do it: What we want to do is prevent ourselves from overindulging on that chocolate bar and here are 3 tactics that can help you to do that:

  1. Once you have eaten a small portion, go and brush your teeth. Having that minty taste in your mouth instead of the reminder of how good that chocolate tastes should help reduce your cravings
  2. Keep it out of sight so that you aren't constantly reminded about it, so in the back of a cupboard. Better yet, get someone to hide it from you!
  3. Don't buy it in the first place...Always go shopping on a full stomach so you don't get too tempted by the sweet things or shop online because there is less temptation to impulse buy

Remember that a little treat every now and then is good for you, psychologically if not physically, so don't beat yourself up about having chocolate from time to time. The key point is that it should be a treat and treats are only every now and then not every day...

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