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Ever wondered how those body building guys at the gym are so lean but you never see them doing any cardio on the treadmill? Maybe you've never thought about it but the fact is that the more muscle you have the more energy you need each day just to maintain it. The bottom line is this: By adding muscle, you are burning more calories everyday. It's like going on a diet without changing what you eat, sounds good right?

How to do it – Get yourself into the weights room to lift some weights three times a week. The weights room can be intimidating if you're not used to it, so make sure you ask a professional to show you have to use the equipment. Try the “5 best fat burner Exercises” below first.

Why do it – Resistance training is one of the best fat burning exercises you can do. Ladies, do not worry, you will not get “big” from these exercises. It takes years and a huge effort to get large muscles, plus you don't have as much testosterone like men so it's much harder. You'll look leaner and more defined as a result.

Own body weight exercises are a fantastic way to improve your overall strength, confidence and improve your muscular health and body balance without the need for getting to the gym. Below we have included a “no equipment” exercise for you.

Exercise #1 – Squats. This is a fantastic exercise because it works your whole body when done right, from your legs, to your bum, back, abs and even your upper body which supports the weight. Start by doing 8 repetitions, where 1 repetition is 1 squat. Make sure to keep your head up and abs tight in order to engage your core and not hurt your back. Your upper body should remain in a neutral position throughout the movement, meaning that it should look just as it does when you are standing upright. Never allow your knees to go past the tips of your toes when squatting, as this puts additional pressure on your knees. Start off with a lightweight, even no weight, and progress as you improve.

No Equipment: At home you can do squats without weights which work well if you are not used to them. To make it harder, hold a heavy object close to your chest by wrapping your arms around it. Even harder still, do single leg squats while using a wall for balance or nothing at all if you are very co-ordinated.

Exercise #2 – Chin-ups. A great back, arm and upper body workout. If you are unable to lift your own body weight, there are machines in most gyms which assist you or there are often rubber bands which you can attach and use to reduce the weight you are lifting.

No Equipment: Find a beam or area of your home where you can firmly get a grip.

Exercise #3 – Bench Press. This exercise is an upper body workout. It will improve your chest, shoulder and tricep strength the most, but also the stabalising muscles that help to support and balance the weight.

No Equipment: Press-ups can be done anywhere, any time. They are such a great exercise for building core and upper body strength with an infinite number of different combinations that can be used. It's not wonder that many professional athletes of all kind still incorporate press-ups into their workouts

Exercise #4 – Bent Over Row. This will work the back and core muscles predominantly, but also the legs as you have to brace yourself in a position which also requires some effort from the legs. It's a great exercise for pulling those shoulders back so ideal if you normally sit hunched over at a computer desk all day. It will help you stand up straight and re-align your body.

No Equipment: It's easy to find something to lift at home or even without any weights you can work your back muscles by lying on the floor on your front, bending your arms so that your elbows are 90 degress, then retracting (pulling back) your elbows and shoulder blades. Imagine trying to make your shoulder blades touch in the middle of your back, while also lifting your torso off the ground. Now hold that position for 10 seconds and repeat.

Exercise #5 – Lunges. Working the whole of your leg and putting a lot of emphasis on the glutes (bum) muscles, the lunge is an exercise that every person should incorporate into their workout. It helps improve your balance and co-ordination, too.

No Equipment: You can do these without any weights at home very easily, even hold something heavy in either hand and that's all you need to do.

As with all of these exercises, good technique is absolutely essential. It's not about how much you lift, but how you lift it. Good technique through a full range of motion for the muscle is key to the above exercises. If you think they are too basic you are probably doing them wrong. It takes a long time to develop good technique while doing these moves which is why we insist that you get someone who knows what they are doing to help you with them.

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