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For most people out there breakfast usually involves some kind of cereal or toast with jam, honey or something else. I have no idea why it became such a normal thing to have but just because we've always done it doesn't make it right...

Look at any cereal packet and you'll probably find that sugar is in the top three ingredients, meaning that it makes up a substantial amount of that cereal. Even those pitched as healthy are usually pretty bad for you. The reason they taste so good is because of the sugar and the high that comes with it so you get an immediate boost. However, an hour later and that sugar spike is gone and you're feeling low.

How to change it: Avoid sugary cereals and toppings on your toast which are laden with sugar, like jam and honey. It might taste great and give you an immediate boost but it's so short lived. Ideally you need something which is going to give you a sustainable delivery of energy throughout the morning, which is why I would recommend having meat and nuts or something similar, as I recommended in a previous post.

Whatever you do have, try to avoid foods that are so high in sugar and especially for breakfast as it's the most important meal of the day. Sugar is one cause of diabetes and many health professionals say that sugar is the cause of a lot of modern day diseases that we have.

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