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Following on from last week's tip about using coconut oil in your coffee, having one before a workout can be a good thing. The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant and can help you work harder during your workout.

How to do it: Have a black coffee (long black or americano) with some coconut oil around 20 mins before you start your workout. By the time you get going the caffeine high should start to kick in and you'll feel full of energy and will work that little bit harder.

What not to do: As a general rule it's best to avoid coffee and caffeine in general following any exercise. The reason for this is because caffeine triggers a releases of cortisol which stresses the body and can increase your appetite. Not what you want after exercise.

Note: Use caution because too much caffeine raises the heart rate so when combined with high intensity exercise you may find that your heart beats too fast. If unsure, always speak to a qualified professional and start with very small amounts of caffeine. It's also advisable to limit the amount of caffeine you consume daily because it puts additional stress on the systems in your body.

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