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Maybe Mr Atkins was on to something. You've probably heard of the Atkins diet; it advocates high amounts of fat and protein and low or zero carbohydrates. I love my complex carbs so I think it's a little on the extreme side. But these days, more and more experts are hailing the virtues of fat and claiming it's the high levels of sugar we eat that's the cause of our rapidly expanding waistlines.

Unfortunately, most products labelled '99% fat free' are stuffed full of other ingredients like sugar and chemicals that sound like they've been taken directly from a laboratory. The thing is, we naturally eat fat from meat and other foods and we have been doing this for thousands of years without a problem. So why change it?

How to do it: Having lots of sugar instead of fat will make you fatter. Because if you don't use that sugar for moving around it will just get converted and stored as fat anyway. So instead of buying all those foods that are labelled 'fat free' and are full of sugar, go for the full fat version instead, such as yoghurt. It will help you feel fuller longer and is a more natural product too.

So, in summary, you should be worrying more about how much sugar you eat and less about how much fat you eat. That will help to keep you slim.

Getting your diet right is the first step in maintaining a healthy body and mind. The second step is ensuring you get the right supply of essential vitamins to supply your body with what it needs. We have a full range of healthy supplements to help you feel good every day. Check out our website for more health tips and to see what products we have.

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