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The 80/20 principle is very commonly known in business circles where some people believe that 80% of the results come from 20% of the actions. I like to use this principle in my life for deciding how to eat. If you eat very well, healthily and smart for 80% of the time you can get away with those treats 20% of the time. For me that means a very strict Monday to Friday eating and training regime then I can do and eat whatever I like on the weekends.

How to do it: Having the weekend to look forward to means that you can use that as motivation on the weekdays when you are being strict and feel like a treat. It's much easier to stick to a healthier diet in the week because things are more ordered for those who work. At the weekends there are too many temptations to always say no without feeling like you are missing out, so now you don't have to. And, come Monday morning you will be motivated again to have a good week.

Why do it: I think it's more of a psychological benefit than anything else. Having a couple of days a week where you can eat what you like (within reason) and not worry too much gives you a sense of satisfaction. You know that you only have to be good in the week so it seems like a small effort when compared to those who are trying to stick to a strict diet with no end in sight.

Note: Be careful not to allow this to turn into a massive binge session, which can easily happen without you realising it. The idea is to allow yourself some treats, not eat/drink until you feel ill. Only buy what you are prepared to eat in the house, like a bar of chocolate or some crisps.

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