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In the book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion“ by Robert Cialdini, he explains and provides evidence for something called commitment and consistency. The basic idea is that if you commit to something, you are more likely to go through with it. The higher the level of commitment, the more likely you are to succeed at it. For example, there isn't much of a commitment if you internally tell yourself that you are going to go to the gym 3 times a week. However, if you tell all your friends, family and work colleagues you will feel more pressure to do it because if you don't go they will know that you were just talking and not acting, which makes you look like a liar.

How to use it: It's possible that you can leverage this little trick to your advantage. By having some pressure there, like a deadline you have to get a report in for at work, you are more likely to achieve that goal. So, when you next decide that you want to achieve something, make sure you add these pressures. Tell all your friends and family, maybe even promise to take measurements and photos if your goal is to lose weight and post them on Facebook. When you know the whole world is watching, you will more likely perform better to achieve that goal.

Why do it: If it is going to help you in achieving your goals then why wouldn't you do it? Sure, it will add pressure and maybe make you feel uncomfortable at times but it's just a passing feeling that will go away soon after you have finished or achieved the goal you set out to achieve.

Side Note: That book is very eye opening to many tactics used by sales people which take advantage of instinctive behaviours that we have as humans. I also found it very interesting so I recommend reading it.

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