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Tip #24 – How to get a ‘Balanced Diet’

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What’s the normal diet for most people? A bit of toast or cereal for breakfast and some orange juice or

some fruit, followed by a mid morning biscuit or two, then a sandwich for lunch, and finally some kind of

pasta/rice/potato with meat or fish for dinner. Obviously there are some differences from family to family

but on the whole that's the kind of pattern most people follow. But just because most people do it doesn't

mean it's right.

How to do it:

So how can we make our diets more balanced? My suggestion would be to reduce the processed

carbohydrates you’re eating and increase the good fats and protein. Switch your biscuits for nuts and

seeds, your orange juice for green tea or water and white rice or pasta for brown.

Having such high levels of carbohydrates each day is not necessary for most people. Chances are, you’re

sitting in an office chair for most of the day. So all those carbohydrates you’re eating will just be stored

as fat. You’re much better off replacing the carbohydrates with protein. In other words, reduce the

amount of bread/pasta/rice/potato in your diet and eat more meat and vegetables.

That will give you a much more balanced diet.

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