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​Tip #22 – Common Food Myths: Cereals

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When I was growing up my mum always used to tell me I could eat as much cereal as I wanted. After all, cereals are good for you aren't they? That's what I believed and obviously so did my mum. We all know about those packets of cereals overflowing with ‘wholemeal goodness’. Or that brand that will make you super thin if you just eat two bowls of their cereal a day instead of a proper meal.

Unfortunately, the cold hard truth is that those cereals aren’t good for you. Just look at the ingredients list and you will find that sugar is high up on the list. Why would companies put sugar in a cereal? Good question. Maybe it's because sugar is super addictive and the companies want you to buy as much of their cereal as possible. Fat has been demonised all these years for being bad for you. But the truth is, it’s sugar that’s the killer. Too much sugar causes diseases such as diabetes, and scientists have shown it produces a response in the brain in a similar way to taking drugs does.

How to do it:

There really is no easy way to get around it. If you want to reduce your sugar intake, you just have to check the food labels. I'm not saying you should completely remove sugar from your diet, as that would be difficult. (And I think the occasional chocolate treat is fine.) The problem comes from continuous abuse when you’re eating sugar every day in cereals, fast food and fizzy drinks. You wouldn't drink alcohol everyday. So don't eat sugar every day either. Your body will really thank you for it.

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