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I think you'll agree that as we age we need to take greater care of ourselves.

Supplementing with Krill oil is one way to do that. It has been scientifically proven to improve many aspects of your health, which is what we'll explore below.

But first, why is Krill something you can't live without?

Krill Oil is full of healing omega-3. Scientists have carried out various tests and in depth research to determine various health benefits of krill oil.

The oil supports various bodily functions, including the following;

  • Helps in sustaining healthy inflammatory pathways
  • Promotes healthy complexions
  • Heart protection from free radicals
  • Sustains healthy brain; ensuring proper concentration, healthier learning and enhanced memory
  • Improves the immune function
  • Boosts the functioning of the liver
  • Keeps users young (used for anti-aging purposes)
  • Reduces pre-menstrual discomforts like cramps, mood swings and fluid retention
  • Maintains level blood sugars and cholesterol levels
  • Enhanced lubrication of the joints and their general functions


Controlling the levels of cholesterol in the body is not easy. But with krill oil, this is very possible because it plays a crucial role in ensuring a sustained healthy cholesterol level. A different study carried out at the McGill University in Montreal confirmed this. During the study, participants were divided into four separate group; three groups were given different quantities of krill oil on a daily basis while the fourth was given placebo.

In the findings, it was revealed that participants who were taking a larger volume of krill oil, which was 500 mg, realized improved levels of good (HDL) cholesterol compared to those taking the smaller quantities and placebo.


Krill oil has been confirmed to significantly assist in the maintenance of hale and hearty inflammatory pathways; this is per the outcomes of a study that were published in the American College of Nutrition journal.

The results of the study after the first seven days indicated an increase of 15.7% in CRP levels for the placebo group. On the other hand, the krill group saw the CRP levels drop by 19.3%. After 14 days, while the group taking a 300 mg of krill oil every day saw a reduction of 29.7% in their CRP levels, the placebo group recorded a 32.1% increase.

These findings only confirmed that krill oil is very good in supporting the cardiovascular functions of the heart and can be used to delay heart related complications like stroke and heart diseases.


The human memory, its clarity, sharpness and alertness normally decline with age. Brain health during old age is therefore very important, and scientific studies still point to krill oil to boost the brain’s functionality. Krill oil;

  • Improves mental concentration and focus.
  • Due to the high omega-3 concentration in krill oil, older people can have better concentration and reduced memory loss
  • Availability of Astaxanthin, an antioxidant that can bypass the blood-brain barrier helps in sustaining cellular integrity


Cramps and related distresses during that time of the month for women can be irritating, but women have a remedy now; krill oil. That anguish can be eased, this was confirmed after researchers tried out on women on how best krill oil can lower PMS distress. The findings were positive and way beyond what fish oil can do. Participants realized reduced;

  • Fluid retention
  • Cramp discomfort
  • Mood swings


In another study whose findings were published in the American Journal of Nutrition aimed to analyze the efficacy of krill oil in ensuring that joints are well lubricated and improve a healthy inflammatory response. After the tests, participants recorded reduced joint discomfort, less joint stiffness of the joints and improved overall mobility. It is worth pointing out that the results were evident in just seven to fourteen days!


The effectiveness of antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body is measured by the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). While fish oil has only an ORAC value of 8, krill oil boasts of a whopping 43 ORAC value. The availability of Astaxanthin in krill oil makes it a potent antioxidant that guards skin cells from free radicals on your skin leaving your skin’s complexion better and shinier. Aside from krill oil, there are other vitamins for skin that you can consider to purchase.

These are only but some of the bodily functions of krill oil, but there are many more. Before taking, is advisable to consult your physician. 

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