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Collagen is basically a form of protein whose main feature is a massive tensile strength found in various parts of the human body, skin inclusive. The elasticity and the strength of the human skin are attributed to the presence of collagen proteins. The quantity of collagen or lack of it in our skin determines its appearance. The amount of collagen proteins gradually decrease with age leading to appearance of wrinkles but the youthfulness of your skin can be restored through increased level of collagen, thanks to modern science.


As the name suggests, marine collagen proteins are obtained from various marine sources of saltwater algae like padina and Laminaria as well as Cod fish and deep sea fish. They are then used to make various supplements that are used for external applications such as facial masks and creams. There are some other products designed for oral ingestion or can be injected directly into the body system. This is one of the best environmentally-friendly products because they are made from unwanted fish parts. Marine collagen proteins are considered to be of greater quality compared to animal collagen mainly because they don’t lead to substantial environmental pollution.

It is important to note that the human skin cannot freely absorb collagen due to its denser composition and molecular weight. To boost absorption, it is converted into an easily absorbable product through the addition of polypeptides. Regular use of marine collagen helps the skin synthesize new fibers into the skin.


There are two main types of collagen at the moment;

  • Type I:This is a naturally occurring collagen that is present in human bones, tendons, skins and other tissues
  • Type III:This variety is available in parts and tissues of our body that grow really fast. It is more common in children, reason why their skin is normally soft to touch. At the age of about 35, this quantity drops making it necessary to use external collagen sources.


  1. Skin Strength Maintenance: Marine collagen proteins help in the maintenance of your skin’s strength and its elasticity through the initiation of fresh collagen synthesis in the underlying layers.
  2. Keeps the Skin Smooth: Some people will give anything to have smooth skin. The secret lies in ensuring the presence of marine collagen proteins. The increase in the density of fibers will definitely result will lead to appearance of fine lines and a drop in wrinkles.
  3. Renewal of Skin Cells: The human body is made up of cells, which when the quantity drops, the skin loses the luster and appeal. The use of marine collagen protein supplements will lead to renewal of these cells, leading to smoother skin.
  4. Anti-Ageing: The face is a very important part of the human body. Wrinkles appear due to contraction of muscles on your face that can be minimized with the aid of collagen. You can look and feel many years younger within a few days of using marine collagen supplements.
  5. Hair Health: People who have used some marine collagen protein supplements have noted their hair become softer and healthier. Healthy hair is very important as it makes you look your best all the time.
  6. Healthy Nails: Using marine collagen products can help in making your nails stronger and healthier.
  7. Health of Your Heart: The health of your blood vessels, which are connected to your heart, is very important, and collagen plays a very important role in ensuring that this is achieved. Marine collagen proteins will assist your heart pump blood better.
  8. No Surgery: The use of marine collagen proteins supplements is nothing like cosmetic or plastic surgical procedures. You don’t need any surgery, fear of side effects or to be admitted to a hospital to attain the skin that you dream of.

There are many other benefits of using marine collagen proteins like better sleep due to the availability of collagen and other essential nutrients in the body and even healthy joints. You may also experience a number of other amazing benefits on your energy levels and your health in general.


There are a few known adverse effects of marine collagen proteins on human body. However, this will depend on the supplement, how it is administered and your skin. However, most users who stick to the physician’s instructions don’t experience some of these effects.Injectable collagen may pose the highest risk because some patients react to such injections, especially if one suffers from known/unknown skin disorders resulting in small lumps or rashes. Apart from such rare cases, there are very few known cases of adverse collagen effects on users.

Do Marine Collagen Supplements Really Work?

There is absolutely no doubt that marine collagen supplements can really help you attain a better looking skin. Users are however encouraged to consult their physicians before applying just any marine collagen supplement they come across. If your skin is sensitive, doctors recommend that you get a number of tests done to ascertain that the collagen supplement you use will not react with your skin. 

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