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How to look good and feel your best on the big day!

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If you have a big occasion coming up such as a wedding day, Christmas family get together or need to look your best and feel good for a big corporate event then sometimes nature could do with a helping hand.

Try to eat a balanced diet

If you eat a healthy balanced diet then you may be getting all the nutrients and vitamins that you need. If, however, you lead a stressful life and do not always have the time to eat properly then there are many different vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that you might be missing out on. An unhealthy diet may have contributed to you putting on weight that you may want to lose before the big occasion.

Want beautiful healthy hair, skin and nails?

If you would like beautiful skin, hair and nails then we have just the thing for you. Our ‘GLOWING’ advanced Collagen complex is specially formulated for skin, hair and nails. There is vitamin C in the complex which contributes to normal Collagen formation helping blood vessel function. We have also added vitamin E, which is an antioxidant contributing to the protection of cells, such as skin cells, from oxidative stress.

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Calm down dear!

If you need to calm down and get some sleep ready for the big day we have the perfect solution for you, we call it ‘SERENE!’ This has been developed with the naturally occurring amino acid 5-HTP to help your body create Serotonin which is known to boost your mood and calm you down. Just what you need to help you achieve better sleep and look your best!

Get on top of your weight

Our Garcina Cambogia extract (GCA) containing complex ‘GORGEOUS’ can help you to maintain a healthy weight thus improving overall wellbeing when you need to be at your best!

What is Garcina Cambogia extract?

Garcina Cambogia is a tropical plant containing a compound called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA). This compound, itself a derivative of Citric Acid, has some very interesting biological properties. Recent research has found that HCA may actually be able to help reduce the conversion of carbohydrates, within the body, into fatty acids potentially meaning there is less fat stored in your fat cells.

The results of a recent study on Garcina Cambogia

Research (Ref 1,2,3) also suggests that HCA may help to reduce your appetite and food intake. One recent study involving overweight men and women resulted in 15–30 percent reduced calorie intake.

This was when 300 mg HCA (extracted from Garcina Cambogia) was taken 3 times a day 60 minutes before lunch and dinner and also 2 hours after dinner. This was done to prevent the desire for evening snacks and supper.

Human clinical research also demonstrated that 440 mg HCA taken 3 times a day, 30 minutes prior to breakfast, lunch and dinner (again extracted from Garcina Cambogia )resulted in a 14 lbs (6.35 Kilogramme) weight loss. This compared to an 8 lbs (3.63 Kilogramme) weight loss with diet and exercise alone (a controlled 1200 calorie per day low fat diet with exercise 3 times per week).

Look good and feel great!

So there you have it, try SERENE, GLOWING and GORGEOUS to feel and look your best, getting you ready for your special day!

Finally, here’s one more tip for you to help you prepare - JUST RELAX!


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