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The overall appearance of people is known to boost their self-confidence, improve their relationships with people and make them generally feel better. Everyone wants a head full of shiny hair, soft spotless skin and strong healthy nails. Unfortunately, our bodies are subjected to very harsh environmental conditions filled with chemicals and toxins, cold winds that eat into our skin plus various other personal actions in our pursuit for beauty making it lose its luster and appeal.

One of the main reasons most beautification efforts flop is because users focus so much on the external features, forgetting about the interior. The best way to attain permanent beauty is to target the exterior from the inside. Essential nourishment is crucial to beautiful and healthy bodies. Regular consumption of the right amounts of vitamins, minerals and extracts can help improve your health and the look of your skin, hair and nails can work wonders. Vitamin C and E are well known due to their contribution towards the health of the skin, nails and hair.


Vitamin C is a known contributor to health and beauty enhancement. Ascorbic acid, as it is also known, helps build collagen and in the process improves the elasticity of the skin which lowers sagging and reduces wrinkles. As an antioxidant, vitamin C fights off damages to the skin and protects the cells, slowing down the aging process. The following are some very important benefits of vitamin C;

  • Improves Hair Health: Vitamin C is an effective nutrient to the growth and strengthening of healthy hair. It is worth noting that vitamin C deficiency can result in hair loss.
  • Helps in the Growth of Your Nails: Vitamin C is a very good ingredient to healthy nails because it makes the skin, bones, connective tissues and blood vessel walls stronger. You can therefore forget about hangnails for you can realize optimal nail health through the ingestion of vitamin C.
  • Enables You to appear and Feel More Energized:  Including vitamin C in your diet is very important as it helps in the absorption of iron, which is essential to your well-being and beauty. You risk developing anemia when your iron stores are depleted making you look fatigued and weak.
  • Gets Rid of Ageing Signs: A study that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007 associated the volume of wrinkles on a number of middle-aged women with their consumption of vitamin C from their daily food intakes. Due to their free radical damage, vitamin C can really slow signs of ageing.

People are encouraged to increase their daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables like blackcurrants, spinach, citrus fruits, and red pepper, among others. Since it is not water-soluble, vitamin C intake should be replenished daily since it is not stored in the body.


One of the most celebrated vitamins, reputed due to its capability to maintain nail, hair and skin is vitamin E. This is another well known antioxidant good at aiding in the healing process, prevents scarring and gets rid of wrinkles while at the same time keeps the red blood cells healthy and even supports the body in the supply of oxygen to the surface of the skin, among others.


The growth of hair is dependent on body’s supply of vitamins, minerals and energy for it to grow about 0.35 millimeters of hair daily. This means that lack of sufficient supply of some vitamins and minerals may result in less hair growth, this is according to the Vitamins and Nutrition Center. On the other hand, if the body has enough amounts of required minerals and vitamins, strong and healthy hair and nail growth will be realized.

  • Better Blood Circulation

Vitamin E boosts blood circulation in your body system, increasing the efficiency of the blood flow through your nail and hair-growth structures. The hair and nails are formed from dead keratin cells that accumulate as a result of various activities in the hair and nail-growth structures. In the absence of sufficient blood supply, occurrence such activities that consist of formation and division of cells wouldn’t be possible. With more blood supply, better growth efficiency would be realized leading to fast and stronger hair and nail growth.

  • Prevents Hair Loss

Hair loss and thinning is very common, especially when we age, due to the sluggish flow of blood recorded during this time. However, nutritional deficiency can seriously contribute. The best remedy to this is to take vitamins for hair so that the body system can enjoy sufficient presence of vitamins for hair in the blood stream. The growing components of the nails and hair can then absorb all nutrients they require to flourish.

  • Correction of Nail-Growth Problems

Some disorders and problems related to nail-growth like the yellow nail can be corrected with the intake of vitamin E, especially in its topical liquid form. Oral vitamin E supplements have also been found to be valuable in the treatment of such conditions.


The skin is very important, and therefore must be nourished with sufficient nutrients, water and minerals to flourish. Vitamin E contributes to the health of your skin by:

  1. Keeping wrinkles at Bay: We may dread wrinkles, but the truth is that they will definitely show up on our faces when time comes. However, with vitamin E, the appearance of those wrinkles can be delayed tremendously since they block free radical damage and improving collagen production.
  2. Night Treatment: For intense skin healing and preservation, vitamin E comes in handy because it makes the skin more permeable and improves its ability to hold moisture.
  3. Scars and Brown Spots: Vitamin E blocks free radicals and will attack any scars from beneath.

Vitamins C and E have various other benefits to the human skin, hair and nails. Their intake, plus various other vitamins should be made a priority in every meal.

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