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Weight gain and obesity is a universal problem that does not know race or creed. It is too sad that today, the mundane methods of weight loss like exercise do not work well and if they do, they do not work as fast as we would like them to. The good thing is that with essential vitamin supplements for weight control, you can bring your weight under control easily and keep it that way for a long time. However, the question on the minds of many consumers is how to know the most effective weight loss supplements because there are so many and they all claim to be the best.

With age, a person’s energy output is decreased a lot. Thus, we all need some help to increase our energy naturally. Where can this help come from? From supplements that will not only enable you to control your weight, but which will also enhance the growth of new cells and leave you with supple, flawless skin. We will look at a few of the best supplements that you may need to use.

Here are a few pointers to the essential supplements that help control weight:


Here is what you should know about Gamma linolenic acid, also abbreviated as GLA.... the presence of trans fatty acid, abundance of red meat, refined sugars and such ..., you know the entire stuff that makes up the common diet will cause a deficiency of the GLA in the body because most of it is used in the breakdown of these foods. It is not that the body does not have GLA, but it converts the GLA omega 6 fatty acid to dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid, which helps the body to regulate blood pressure, inflammation and several other processes. This is why you need to take GLA supplements.


Why is Chromium so important in the regulation of weight? It is used in the metabolism of fats and sugars, which are actually major contributors to weight gain. When you take good chromium supplements, you will lower your insulin and blood sugar levels while at the same time increase the level of good cholesterol. Chromium also plays a role in the regulation of appetite, reduces yearnings for sugar and enhances the rate of fat metabolism thus leading to better weight management.


Abbreviated as ALA, this one has many antioxidant qualities thus keeping it at the top of any list of weight loss and management supplements. Alpha lipoic acid is water and fat soluble meaning that it can really go into all parts of the cell. How does it help in weight management? It enhances the metabolism, which leads to faster breakdown of fats. Note that ALA cannot work very well on its own and thus you would need to combine it with more weight loss methods like exercise.

One good thing about this supplement is that it keeps aging at bay because of its antioxidant abilities. It enhances cell health by preventing oxidation and also helps in the flushing of the free radicals out of the system.


CLA is one of the most important supplements that you may have to take to lose weight. While in the past it could be attained from eating lamb and beef, today, you will not have enough of CLA from beef or lamb after their diet was changed to grain from grass. Thus, you need to supplement your intake. It helps melt down the body fat stored around the abdomen area and most importantly, it assists to block the absorption of sugar and fat into the cells. CLA has amazing anti-oxidant abilities and therefore it not only helps you lose weight, but it also keeps your skin looking supple and youthful.


Everyone knows the benefits of drinking green tea, but now, it has been found out that green tea extract increases the metabolism, thus leading to faster breakdown of foods and fats. It is also rich in antioxidants and thus it helps keep the skin looking youthful. Green tea extract also contains EGCG which has cancer fighting abilities.


Every kitchen has this and people who have tried it say that when you drink it you feel much fuller and therefore you will not eat as much food as you would without it. Made from pressing apples, it is a natural drink with few or no side effects when taken in moderation. When you take a drink of this, you will have fewer hunger pangs, thus keeping your eating under control.


This is usually used as a food additive. When taken, it makes you feel fuller and therefore you will not eat as much. Once you take it in, it will expand in the stomach, leaving little space for food. One more benefit of this guar bean natural extract is that it assists in the digestion of food, and that is why it is used as an ingredient in many laxatives. When you take it with your food, it will enhance bowel movement, reduce constipation and help you keep your weight under management.


This is a kind of a salt that is extracted from the rinds of dried fruits of select south Asian plants, mostly from the Garcinia Cambogia and brindal berry. While it has many medicinal values and abilities, our interest in this supplement is that it increases the rate of fat metabolism, leading to the faster meltdown of fat. It also checks appetite and lowers the bad cholesterol LDL. In ayurvedic medicine, HCA has been used to treat joint pains and stomach upsets.


This is an easy to digest form of protein. It is used by muscle builders mostly, but when you are trying to keep your weight in-check, you can use it because it suppresses hunger pangs. Taking whey protein every day will help you eat less, thus, there will be no fat build-up in your body.


It is full of fibre and we all know that fibre makes you feel fuller and thus you will eat lesser food every day. Less food means that the body has just what it needs and therefore, there will be no extra food to be stored as fat reserves. In addition, did you know that beta glucan will pass through undigested? This means that it will make you feel fuller, and you can eliminate it just as you took it, without it being absorbed into the bloodstream.


Take Glucomannan before your meals. It will help you feel more sated; it reduces cholesterol levels and assists in bowel movement, thus ensuring that food materials do not lurk in your system and cause problems. Since it is a fibre, you can take it with a glass of water. With this dietary supplement, you can say no to incessant hunger pangs.


We recommend checking out the range of supplements that we offer which are designed specifically with weight control in mind.

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