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Raspberry ketones have many health benefits. They assist in weight loss. But what are they? Ketones are natural chemicals found in raspberries and are responsible for the alluring aroma that is one characteristic of these small fruits. 

Raspberry ketones are now widely used to control weight, after being publicized in Dr. Oz’s TV show. However, there has been intensive debate in the medical circles and in the public arena on whether they are capable of backing up that claim.

Is the weight loss benefit of the raspberry ketones factual or just mere hype? Where there is fact, there will be some exaggeration. However, when the pros of a supplement product are more than the cons, you can conclude safely that the product is worth trying out.

Some facts about raspberry ketones:

  • Raspberry ketones are actually extracted from ripe raspberries. Ketone is the chemical that gives the fruits their nice scent. Being natural makes them appealing as weight losing options for most people. Today, people are edging towards natural foods and vitamin supplements, because of the detrimental health effects associated with using too many synthetic products. For many users, ketones are better than most of the available weight-losing products in the market.

    In the past, raspberry ketones were used as flavouring in food manufacturing and cosmetic industries. However, recently they have gained much popularity in the weight control arena. The ketone supplement is natural, thus it has no side effects.

    As a natural supplement, this ketones product has many advantages:

    • No serious side effects
    • Works gradually but surely
    • Once you lose weight, it is not likely to come back
    • You can combine it with other weight loss methods like exercise
    • It is usually derived from organic products


    Though it is not yet 100% clear to scientists and researchers on how they help in cutting weight, they are believed to work for many people. When people are looking for supplements for weight loss, they consider three things:

    1. appetite
    2. metabolism
    3. fat breakdown

    This product has a lot to offer on all three aspects. For example, it inhibits appetite, boosts the rate of metabolism and enhances fat burning around the abdomen. Experts have found that the molecular structure of the ketones is reminiscent of that of synephrine and capsaicin of the chilli pepper. These two are known to burn calories and fats, boosting metabolism, which means that the chemical in raspberries can work in the same way.

    In lab tests, isolating two fat cells in a test tube and allowing them to grow showed that ketones:

    • Catalyzed the process of lipolysis, through making the cells more responsive to the effects of norepinephrine (fat burning hormone).
    • Made the fat cells to produce more adiponectin

    Raspberry ketones help the metabolism to work in the same way that the metabolism of a thin person works. They enhance the production of Adiponectin, a hormone produced by fat cells, which is believed to have a hand in controlling blood sugar levels and metabolism. Thin people have higher concentrations of this hormone than people who are relatively overweight. Moreover, those who lose weight also show high levels of adiponectin. Studies show that people who have a low concentration of the Adiponectin hormone are susceptible to fatty liver disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and various heart disorders.

  • While there have been no studies to establish the side effects of this product on human beings, there are some fears owing to the similarity between the raspberry ketones and the stimulant synephrine. Based on this, it is possible that raspberry ketones will cause one or two side effects in the users. Such are a faster heart rate, rise in blood pressure and jitters.

    Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised to avoid taking this supplement. However, since all products will have their contraindications, when the pros are more than the cons, you can safely say that it is a safe product, especially since the side effects will only last a short time and be similar to a dose of caffeine.

  • Raspberry ketones usually come in pill form. Based on the age, health history and other factors, the user should take a dosage of between 100mg and 400mg once or twice per day. Up to now, there has been little scientific information to ascertain the right dosage. Laboratory studies however have shown no major side effects even when a large dose was used. Thus, going by the recommended dosage of 100mg to 400mg, is well within the safety parameters.

    There is a lot of information about this product because it is very popular. Thus, if you intend to use it, you should not do so blindly. First, know as much as you can about it, even ask your GP.

  • Most people wonder... if raspberry ketone supplement comes from the raspberry, why should I not eat the raspberries then and get the overall health benefits? Nothing can be further from the truth. For example, the raspberry ketones supplements will go straight to the blood stream and therefore their weight loss benefits are felt almost immediately.

    None of the benefits of the supplements are lost in the digestion process as would be experienced when one took the whole fruit! Thus, from a single pill of the raspberry ketones, you actually stand to gain much more than a person who takes a bowl-full of raspberries.

    The combination of the ketones with capsaicin, green tea extract and other micronutrients like caffeine make this a more potent ingredient for weight loss, than when you take raspberries.

    Raspberry ketones serve more than one purpose. For example, they are great antioxidants that make the skin youthful, supple and flawless. One role of antioxidants is rid the body of free radicals that cause cell damage. This is perhaps the reason why perfumes and body lotion manufacturers use it in their products.

    Rapsberry ketones are manufactured to the highest standards, are safe for human consumption and above all... they work. They are very effective for weight loss. However, note that just as any other product out there, it would be nonsensical to depend entirely on a supplement because weight loss is not a one-off thing. It is a lifestyle! Supplements are meant to assist you along the way, so these should be incorporated into a healthy, balanced diet.

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