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How Debbie got back to her old self...

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Customer Blog Post 

Here at 365 Vitamins, we're very interested in how our customers are feeling after taking our supplements. This week Debbie Coone shares her story - 

Debbie's Story 

Hi, my name is Debbie and I would like to tell you how I managed to get back the old me. 

For years now I've struggled really badly with fatigue, aches, pains, and when I look back, I do believe depression. I felt like I was in a fog and couldn't find my way out. 

Exercise was a no no and playing with my children was very hard because I was constantly tired. 

After having numerous blood tests that came back fine, I decided enough was enough and I'd research some self help. 

After I tried a few different supplements and "miracle cure" potions I read up on a vitamin b supplement from 365 vitamins. The reviews looked promising and it wasn't overly expensive so I ordered some. 

After just five days I couldn't believe the difference this little vitamin was making In my life. I'm waking up actually feeling like I've had a great sleep and I'm noticing that I've not had the dreaded afternoon energy crash for ages. I'm much happier with my family as I've got more energy to donate to them and my prescription pain relief has dropped by 75% which is amazing!! 

365 vitamins are so helpful and gave me honest advice and didn't try to sell me lots of products, just what they believed would help me, so thank you for that. 

If you're experiencing the same symptoms and need something natural that works , try 365 vitamin B complex and you never know I might meet you in the gym!!!

Debbie Coone

365 Vitamins Customer 

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